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Welcome to our Blog!!!

I am Secret Sister 3. I am one of the Women living in the Bible Belt whose beliefs differ from those around me. I am not ashamed of my beliefs but don’t want to deal with the hassle when others hear that I believe in reincarnation, spirit guides, chakras and other concepts that are not accepted in the local churches. I am a member of a local church. I do believe in an intelligent loving God, I think there is power when people pray together. I AM A FIRM Believer IN GOD, but not so much in organize religion.

I work in the office of a local manufacturing plant. There has only been two people in my office that has given me real grief about my beliefs but there has been others who are praying for me. They been told it is their responsibility to convert others who don’t believe the way they do. Some of those I work with believe only people of their faith will make it heaven. They bring in Bible verses and try to talk to me about how I am wrong and it will have serious consequences when I meet my Maker. Most do so out of caring.

So to make my life easier I keep this little secret, I am a metaphysical maiden, and yes there are others in this area. We have decided to get together once a month and start a Learning circle where we can share openly and discuss new concepts. This blog will track our progress, our mistakes and our triumphs. There are four of us that are willing to take the responsibility of lessons. I believe that the best way to learn something new is to try to teach it so I am one of these four. Two others are retired teachers. We can either teach the actual lesson or arrange for someone to do so.

  1. Melissa Leath01-20-13

    WooWoo — Woo Hoo!!

    I am so excited that you are bold enough to step out in your Light! There is so much more to your life than “locked-in belief systems”.

    The more you study and share on this blog, the more people out there will have the boldness to do the same.

    I will be watching and reading your progress in this wonderful world of mysteries! And cheering you on all the way!

    Blessings…Melissa Leath

  2. Vivian Harris01-30-13

    I have enjoyed reading your blog Secret Sisters and will return to see how you have unfold.

    I still consider myself a newbie to this field too and I am still working on my unfoldment. Recently became a certified psychic/medium.

    I desire to move south (Bible belt) but wonder about finding people to continue my journey with Spirit.

    Love Peace & Joy…Vivian Harris

    • Secret Sister 5
      Secret Sister 501-31-13

      Thanks Vivian,
      If you are thinking of moving to or near a city you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding people along the same or a similar journey. Even in the bible belt cities have a wonderful wide variety of people. In the rural areas though it can be more difficult. If you have any questions feel free to drop one of us an email.
      Love and Light,
      Secret Sister 5

  3. Secret Brother 102-14-13

    Greetings and Blessings.

    Today I have come to know that I have been Woo-Wooing for the past 15 years, unaware of the term or the fact there are so many others doing the same.

    A dear Sister has pointed me in this direction, and perhaps I have found a place where other Woo-Wooers can make me feel less alien.

    Peace and Love.

    Secret Brother 1

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