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To Be Silent…

To Be Silent…


If you frequent woo woo forums and have ever asked about learning and experiencing the woo woo on the down-low  then you have likely come across the advice to “Speak your Truth.”  That anybody who is going to be nasty to you isn’t worth your time. This isn’t wrong, but it isn’t complete either. I believe in being true to yourself, but you can do that without shouting from the rooftops.  I’ve been pagan since I was fifteen years old and in the beginning I was very open about it. I even turned in a photo essay in school of a ritual. There can be a lot of satisfaction in shouting from the rooftops.

But you don’t need to shove your beliefs in people’s face to be true to yourself. There are a lot of reasons that somebody may choose to keep quiet about their beliefs. I don’t choose to invite the drama in to my life. I am okay with who I am and I don’t need others to acknowledge or accept my truth to make it valid. It is my truth, they don’t enter in to it.

My life would change very little if I told everybody I met about my life and beliefs, but that isn’t true for everybody. In this part of the world it isn’t even true for most people. Maybe they have very religious relatives. Some churches can put tremendous pressure on their congregation, telling them over and over that their loved ones will burn for eternity if they can’t save them. It is hard to be angry with somebody who is truly afraid for you and trust me there is no argument in the world that can convince them not to worry.

Another woman who ran her own business had trouble when her employees found out that she belonged to “one of those pagan religions.”  They all quit. In a single day this small business owner lost her entire workforce.

I don’t mention this to reinforce fear, but because for some people the cost of speaking your truth can be high. Even if it isn’t. Even if you wouldn’t lose anything, even if there would be no drama, no problems, there is no reason to be ashamed of keeping your own council.  It is your truth. Yours and whether you choose to share or not is entirely up to you.

I don’t need others to accept my truth for for it to be valid and neither do you. If you live in the Bible Belt and feel the need to be very open about your beliefs you will have less trouble if you go about it in a non-confrontational way. Don’t argue religion with people just accept their beliefs the way you want them to accept yours. Remember the Law of Attraction if you want to attract acceptance you need to vibrate with acceptance.

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