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The Seven Archangels And How They Assist Us In Our Everyday Lives

The Seven Archangels And How They Assist Us In Our Everyday Lives

Stone Angel


Archangels those heavenly beings all have a specific job to do. Each archangel serves on a certain ray (aspect of God). They also have spiritual retreats or homes in the etheric realm (heaven-world) above certain powerful places on earth. The Archangels, except in life-saving situations, will never assist us unless we request their help.  We can simply say, “help me” or write down our need. I write down the concern, date it then turn it over to the Archangel who specializes in the area of concern. I have been amazed when I went back to see how the Angels did indeed come to my aid.

Here’s a summary of the seven.

  1. Archangel Michael is the captain of all the angels and archangels. He serves on God’s blue ray, which is the ray of protection. You can ask him for both physical and spiritual protection. This includes protection from accidents, crime, psychic aggression and even demons. I have often sought his protection.  St. Michael has always come through.
  2. Archangel Jophiel serves on the yellow ray of illumination. Why not ask him to help you absorb information when you are studying and when you need wisdom? I often ask him for help when trying to determine the path I should take,
  3. Archangel Chamuel serves on the pink ray of spiritual love. Ask him to help you resolve relationship problems, find a job… and also to locate a lost object! I found a paper I really needed and had been searching for weeks.
  4. Archangel Gabriel is probably the most well known. Christians teach that he told Mary she would give birth to the baby Jesus and Muslims believe he dictated the Qu’ran to Mohamed. He serves on the white ray of purity. Ask him to help you establish discipline and order in your life. He also is the Archangel that writers and communicators ask for assistance.
  5. Archangel Raphael serves on the green ray of divine healing. Ask him for the healing of your body, mind soul and spirit. He is also helpful when you need to have your physical needs met such as food, clothing, shelter and tools of your trade.
  6. Archangel Uriel serves on the ray of peace. This ray is purple and gold flecked with ruby. Next time you are having a disagreement with someone why not ask him for help in creating a peaceful resolution?
  7. Archangel Zadkiel serves on the violet ray of forgiveness. Ask him to help you if you are having a problem with this, and also with tolerance and diplomacy. He will help you bring joy back to your life if you ask him.


The Archangels add a new dimension to our lives.  They never let us down.

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