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Sympathy, Negativity and Attraction

Sympathy, Negativity and Attraction

Drama, Comedy, Tragedy

I’ve seen the reality of the Law of Attraction. In so many cases, both large and small I have seen and experienced people manifesting their own realities. But I’ve recently read and article that stated that the Law of Attraction causes selfishness. That people who focus on the positive lack empathy.  How do you find the truth?

I firmly believe that if everybody focused on the positive that we would have a very different world. But at this time everybody doesn’t focus on the positive. So at times the world can suck. But if we don’t focus on the positive then what hope do we have of showing others to do it, of letting others see the great effects it can have on their lives? But if we focus on the positive does that mean we ignore the negative in the world? I don’t believe it needs to. Can we find a way to help without allowing the sympathy, the empathy the drag our energy down? I believe we can, but it does require us to be able to draw lines about how we let things affect our energy.

I have read some suggestions for worrying that I think would apply here. Set a time of a place. For instance say you will think about only when sitting in a certain location. Or give yourself 10 minutes to think about it. So for instance let says you help out at a soup kitchen. Give yourself time when you leave to worry about the people who you met while there, but then let it go until next time. I’ve worked with rescued dogs for years. Just about until burn out. Law of attraction aside you (well most people) have to have boundaries. So where is the harm in helping, but not focusing on the negative.

Remember to accept your emotions. But don’t let the negative emotions drag you down. Don’t drown in the emotions. I know easier said than done. But I believe it is worth the challenge.

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