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Secret Sister 5

Secret Sister 5


I am Secret Sister 5. I am pagan and pretty open about my beliefs. Though if you don’t count the Goddess Bless bumper sticker on my car I don’t advertise it. I’ve argued and debated in the past. When I was in high school I used to love to debate and argue with the Christians I knew. And occasionally some that I didn’t. I really just loved to argue (which my mother would only be too happy to attest to.) But one day after several weeks of going back and forth with a girl I knew she brought me a notebook full of pages countering my arguments. Including one that insisted that dinosaurs never existed, but were in fact giant sheep and cows. And really how do you argue with that? What can you possibly say to counter that kind of response? It’s like that religious museum in Kentucky that has wax figures riding dinosaurs like horses. You can’t win with people that get their grasp of history
from the Flintstones. And if you can’t win really what’s the point? 😀

Since my head (though admittedly pretty hard) can’t take the repeated pounding against the wall and many people can’t handle questioning their beliefs, I don’t discuss religion. I don’t want the anger and irritation in my life. And it upsets my grandmother. The downside to this is that I don’t get to discover all the great people around who might agree, or might be open to learning about different beliefs. I know there is some middle ground, but finding it can be difficult. Of course I haven’t completely gotten over my tendency to poke at people. I still enjoy the look on their faces when they tell me I’m going to hell and I respond with a smile and “Great, I’ll get to watch Satan’s confused attempts to torture the masochists!”

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