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No Complaints

No Complaints


Apologies that things have been so quiet here. I have really fallen behind. In an effort to shake the negativity that I have been dealing with lately I decided to re-read Will Bowden’s A Complaint Free World. I was so pleased to realize that he recently released a second edition of the book.

For those who were living under a rock when the book was first released it is amazing. The idea is for you to go 21 consecutive days without complaining. I remember the first time I went thorough this program it was surprisingly easy until I realized the reason was because I only spoke to other people about an hour a day. I think I actually made it 19 days before I decided close enough. I should have gone the full 21 days. In the last two weeks I’ve had made it a grand total of 2 days.

The real blessing behind this program is that it causes you to become aware of how often you complain. Even when I would be complaining I was aware of it and aware I should stop.  But like a drunk sitting at the bar knowing it is time to go home I would just keep on going. If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it. And I recommend going 21 days without complaining. I will keep you updated on what day I am on when I write posts.

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