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31 May Posted by in Secret Sister 5 | Comments

No Sign

I can’t really tell you how the no complaints thing is going. I lost the ring I was using to switch back and forth and have recently replaced it. I think I have made it 3 days straight at the most as of now. I wouldn’t have made it that far if I had to switch the ring for every negative thought. However it seemed that I made more progress the first time around when I was switching for most negative thoughts. So I have started using a technique that I have found extremely helpful in the past.  Anytime I think a negative thought I neutralize it.

The symbol I use was shown to me by my spirit guides a few years ago. A traditional No symbol (such as the one in this post,) but made of water. At first I didn’t realize it was water. I just knew it was clear and textured. Only after a few weeks did I realize it was made of water.

I didn’t believe it when I first tried it, but it really does help to neutralize the thoughts. It seems to somehow cause you to have less negative thoughts. I am not sure why, but it works. So pick some kind of symbol to use to neutralize you negative thoughts. Give it a try. Accept that you will have negative thoughts, and use this to try and lessen the power of the negative thoughts in your life.

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