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So today I had someone ask me about meditation. I am not a guru, but I like to say I do meditate everyday and I feel more refreshed and centered afterward. The person asked me how long I have meditated, for how long each time, and other questions like that. I told her, the major thing that got me into it was trying Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge, but those only happen 4 times a year, and if you miss it, you just have to wait for the next go around or pay to download them (which they are expensive, but worth it!). So to help her start up, I made some suggestions. I said, meditation can be explained as anything that quiets the mind and gets you into the NOW. I said some people do that with gardening or dancing or doing dishes or working on cars. Practically anything. I said you can listen to soft, relaxing meditation music, which you can find a ton of samples on Just type in meditation music and I bet you get hundreds, if not thousands of choices. But what do we do about monkey mind? (I call it monkey mind, because have you ever seen a National Geographic show where tons of monkeys are in a tree screaming and spitting and throwing food (or feces or a special blend of both) and flying from tree to tree, all the while carrying a baby monkey and about 20 pieces of fruit and dodging the local carnivores and screaming monkey obscenities at the top of their lungs. If they had an iphone, they would also be running 5 apps consecutively, as well as typing an email to their bestie and sending a text to the baby monkey clinging to them. Yes, I get monkey mind BAD!)  

 Sooooo, back to meditation. So I mentioned that some people just quiet their mind while listening to music, but some people like to say a mantra. (Deepak introduced me to that.) I could tell I was losing her, since she didn’t want to talk any “foreign stuff” so I mentioned saying positive affirmations. (Louise Hay is a great source! Google her!) After I said it, I really liked the idea. I can see how people might not want to say “Aham Brahmasmi”, which really doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. (It’s Sanskrit for “the core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists.”)
 But saying something like “Every part of me is getting better and better everyday, in every way” might speak to someone. Or “All is well in my world right now”. Louise Hay has tons of these wonderful little positive affirmations. I really felt like I opened up meditation to someone that before might have tuned it out thinking it was something that only Buddhist monks did in mountain monasteries.

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