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Karma at Work?

19 Mar Posted by in Secret Sister 4 | Comments
Karma at Work?





So, I am between jobs right now and had an interview today. It was your typical call center type place. There were two ladies interviewing me; a supervisor and a manager. Normally, interviews don’t bother me, but sometimes I get a little restless if I have been out of work for 3 weeks or something like that, but this one was fine. I was calm and centered and “on” as I call it. Anyway, in the middle of the interview the supervisor says that one of the people they hired did not like the place because of “karma”. I laughed but then thought……oh no, what exactly am I interviewing for? I have to believe in the place I am working for or I can’t do it. For instance, I steer away from Collections of all sorts. I feel like I could be on the other side of the phone and feel like a hypocrite telling people to PAY NOW OR ELSE! I also couldn’t work for a place that I feel is ripping people off. Or a place that I believe is destroying our environment, like an oil company. I know….$75k a year should make me shut my mouth and be a good little minion, but I just don’t think I could do it. (Maybe work there for 6 months and put away a ton of money and then quit in a fit of self righteous proselytizing????)




So has anyone else out there had a similar dilemma? Need a job, but you hear that little voice saying, “are you sure?”. What if it is more money and better benefits? What if it is a really good company that you are trying to get your foot in the door with? Could you swallow that lump and collect the paycheck silently?











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