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06 Feb Posted by in Secret Sister 5 | Comments


I am awful at journaling. I mean I am really no good at it. I just never last more than a day or two of keeping a journal. I have no idea what to write about so in the past the only entries that made it in to the journal after the first few days were strange dreams and bitch fests. Not exactly productive journaling. So what do you journal about? What you had for breakfast? The latest episode of Doctor Who? (Well okay definitely the Doctor.)

I have a hard enough time figuring out weekly blog posts. How can I figure out what to write on a daily basis? Or at something remotely interesting. There are times that I have quick little things that have come up that are interesting and would be great to document, but aren’t really enough to fill the oft suggested 3 pages a day. Such as when I am thinking about the beach (this happens a lot during the winter) and the shuffle mode on my mp3 develops a strong preference for Jimmy Buffett music.

Secret Sister 3 is making us gratitude journals for this year. Each day includes a place for things you are grateful for, daily card readings and meditations. I might use that kind of journal, I may finally keep up with journaling that way.

Secret Sister 3 is planning on writing a post on making your own journals if you want to try something similar. What do you write about in your journal?


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