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Inner Temple

11 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Inner Temple

Queenstown-New-Zealand-Trey-Ratcliff (353 of 723)

Often when people meditate they have a special place they go.  Both mentally and physically. I don’t really have a specific physical place, though I believe that is a good idea when you are first starting out. But today I thought I would share my Inner Temple.

My journey always starts in the same place. I am standing outside a large tree. The tree is so big that I can’t see the top.  The pathway to the tree was has buried stones like in a garden. This leads towards a door, a part of the tree trunk that just opens up. Inside is a large open area, small round tables are parts of the trunk the seats are also part tree. There are stairs, through a doorway on the right the stairs are leading up and on the opposite side of the room stairs leading down. Directly across from where I entered is another door.  This door leads me to my island. Once I pass through the doorway I enter a beautiful green jungle. As I walk down the path I come across a waterfall, pouring crystal water in to a large pool. Continuing on takes me to a white sand beach. Beautiful blue water as far as the eye can see. On the left is a home, a small cob house with a wide wooden porch leading out over the water. Glass french doors lead inside. I actually don’t spend much time inside this building. A large, floor to ceiling aquarium separates the living area from the bed room. There is also a fireplace to the left (when you are facing the aquarium.) The cob, the large usually open glass doors, the fireplace and the aquarium each represent the elements inside.

If you walk down the steps back to the beach straight ahead you see a circle of tall, thick standing stones. (Well you can actually on see part of the circle from here, the rest is blocked by trees) Inside this circle here are several doorways that can open when called. Past this and down the ways a bit is a white tower. I’ve never actually been to this tower, but figure one day when the time is right I will.

Anchored out at sea, in front of the house is a sailboat. This is fairly new and still changes. Sometimes it is a Catamaran and sometimes a monohull. I haven’t been out to the boat. I have considered it from time to time, but it is always met with an extremely strong feeling that it isn’t time for me to head out to the boat.

My spirit guides all have places they tend to be. Just sort of hanging around. For instance my master guide can be found just leaning against the barrier on the porch.

Even if I am going to be doing a specific meditation, one that takes place in another realm I still always go to this place first, then I use a doorway in the stone circle to go to my destination.  Even if I just want to meditate and see what comes to me then I walk to the beach and sit near the water line and meditate in my meditation.

So that is where I go when I meditate. Next I’ll talk about physical meditation places.

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