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Hidden motives in Hollywood?

02 Mar Posted by in Secret Sister 4 | Comments
Hidden motives in Hollywood?

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Here at WooWooUnderground, I like to color myself open minded, if nothing else.  My interests cover a broad range of topics. Very broad. Today, I feel like discussing aliens. Yes, I believe in aliens from other planets and/or universes, and yes, I believe we have already made contact with aliens from other planets and/or universes, but it is covered up for fear that we could learn and evolve too much by knowing them and people who control us, would lose control.

Anyhoo…… So is it just me or has anyone else noticed all the mean alien movies and tv shows over the past few years? Maybe 10 years. By mean aliens I mean those like the killing machine types in War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise or Independence Day or Signs. What happened to movies like ET or Starman or Cocoon? (If you haven’t seen them yet WATCH THEM! Great movies!) Now, I don’t think all aliens are happy go lucky types riding on unicorns and establishing world peace, but I certainly do not think they all want to eat us or anally probe us. (Haven’t decided yet which is worse……) I feel the aliens can be like humans; some are wonderful and trustworthy and you are thankful every day they are in your life and there are some that you want to scream…..YOU! OFF MY PLANET!

What made me think of Hollywood stereotyping of aliens was the recent movie called Dark Skies which came out February 22nd. I like to watch scary thrillers, but not blood and gore movies, so this one looked good. I watched an extended preview online. It looked like another movie about a suburban family attacked by vengeful ghost not aware it is really dead and just realized it, so now it is really teed off . Or maybe it is really bored. What else is there to do but walk around and moan and shake chains, you know. I imagine to a ghost it may be exciting to see people naked in the shower for about the first month, but then it gets old fast and its not like they can open a book or get on Youtube.

So anyway, back to movie. So, I am watching this and it has the run of the mill premise that quirky things start to happen, like animals behaving oddly or common household items stacked up precariously in the short amount of time the adults leave the room and the kid is blamed  but insists its his “friend” no one sees or even knows. I am getting into this movie preview and almost tasting the popcorn, when they loose me. At the end, with dramatic music, a “grey” type alien rises up menancingly behind our doe eyed heroine. That’s when I said……what we got here is another mean alien movie. Again, I am not claiming all aliens are friendly, but I am seriously perplexed why we are being brainwashed into believing all aliens mean us harm. Is it just because it makes for a better movie or is there a bigger motive?

Secret Sister 4

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