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First Secret Sister Meeting

First Secret Sister Meeting



Our first secret sister meeting was Friday January 18,2013.

There was prayer, meditation, encouragement, and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. There is just something special about spending time with a group of strong women. Don’t get me wrong I adore my husband and find precious the time we spend together, but spending time with my secret sisters nourishes my soul. We are planning to get together once a month. We are going to each take a turn teaching a topic. I think if you have to teach something you must learn it really well first. I definitely need to improve my meditation practice so I volunteered to teach meditation in February.  We made a list of 26 subjects we found interesting. I printed them out and cut them into slips. We laid them on the table and each took turns choosing a subject. We made a schedule and even discussed field trips. We are also setting aside a special time to visualize and encourage each other success. I believe that women are so much more powerful then we give ourselves credit. Here is a copy of our meeting itinerary:

Circle Format

  • Prayer of protection
  • Verbal guided journey
  • 10 minutes of quiet meditation
  • Discussion of meditation
  • Discussion of last meeting and how we practiced the subject
  • NEW Lesson
  • Prayer of gratitude
  • FOOD and success circle

I was holding Secret Sister 1’s hand during the time she was giving the gratitude prayer at the end of the meeting. As she was praying her hand got noticeably warmer. I have also noticed that since the meeting I have had intense and bizarre dreams.  I am going to believe that these are both signs of transformation and the coming of an extraordinary year.

Blessing to all,

Secret Sister 3

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