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February Meeting- Meditation

February Meeting- Meditation


Our secret circle meeting was Sunday Feb 17, 2013.  The lesson was about meditation and I was the instructor. I was lucky enough to be talking to a group of people that already had a meditation practice, better than mine. I did a very quick summary of the different types of mediation but concentrated on motivation, practice, and commitment. I used the metaphor of a journey. Meditation techniques are just different paths on the same journey. You will choose your route, find your pace, and navigate around the hindrances that get in your way. When you are on a journey you know you are progressing when the scenery changes. If you are progressing in a meditation practice I think you will see change in your world and in the way you look at things. This shouldn’t be scary, change is a good thing. It makes life interesting. (And yes the last two lines are for me)

I knew I needed to teach the meditation lesson because I knew there was something I needed to learn. I have what they call “monkey mind” when I try to meditate. I attributed this to being a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, office worker, etc, etc.  As I was reading about meditation I read that some are fearful of the emotions that you deal with when following a regular meditation practice, fear, sadness, anger and desire.

(Ding, ding going off in my head). Somehow, they believe that if they acknowledge their fear or sadness they give it power to run their lives.

Don’t you just hate it when you see yourself in something you read, and it’s a bad thing, and now that you see the truth you are going have to deal with it. I am not really sure why or what the issue is, but heaven forbid someone else try to tell me. This will have to be a journey of self-discovery and I must remember that it’s just an emotion like other emotions, composed of feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.


Again with the journey metaphor of one step at a time, one meditation practice at a time, I will grow in my awareness and depend on my secret sisters for their insight and understanding.  I am so blessed to have them.

Secret Sister 3

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