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Falling Off the Path

16 Jul Posted by in Secret Sister 3 | Comments
Falling Off the Path

Past Path -Eagan Snow

I bet you think we dropped off the face of the world, I know I quit posting and I am ashamed.  Secret Sister 1 went into the hospital and everyone rally around her, especially Secret Sister 5 who helped with her house and care of the animals that are so dear to Secret Sister 1.  After she was out of the hospital it was worrying about getting her back on her feet. Suddenly it was summer and yes before I knew what was happening it is the middle of July.  My Dad use to say “the older you get the faster time goes.” I now understand exactly what he was saying.   But the only thing you can do is correct your course and start again.

Writing is a little scary to me, and sometimes I think it was a crazy concept to start a blog. But my goal to face this fear and work through it. But truthfully Secret Sister 5 had to call and push me sometimes to write.   When her life got busy I avoided writing. I know it is silly to find a blank piece of paper scary. Maybe it is because I know I will lack perfection, I tend to change verb tense, or maybe it because I am afraid having to deal with criticism of just fear of facing my feelings. Whatever  the reason we will try to get back on the path.

Secret Sister 3

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou

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