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11 Sep Posted by in Secret Sister 4 | Comments
When I was in high school, I loved to watch scary movies. Blood and gore and screaming; I watched them all and was fascinated by all the special effects and fantastic story lines. Each movie seemed to outdo the other with more blood, more body parts torn off, more eviscerations. There seemed to be no limit to the violence they showed on screen. It seems like each movie tried to one up the next one with bigger and better and grosser. Nothing fazed me. I remember the first movie I saw where a woman was being killed in a hotel room. She, like all scream queens, was screaming her head off. I know the director probably said, “Scream for me as loud as you can! Make it blood-curdling, baby! Give me your all! Make me feel it!” I turned away from the movie and thought this is really horrible. Not just the plot line, but
I just couldn’t sit there and hear her screaming any longer. Now, several years after this happened, I cannot stand to watch any kind of movies with any type of violence in them. Not just blood and guts, but any type of violence. When I talked about this with others, I realized I have gotten very sensitive and emphatic. Some might say that’s too bad for me, but I like knowing I have compassion and sensitivity. Anyone else noticed if they have become more sensitive to movies as they grow spiritually?

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