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23 Jul Posted by in Secret Sister 4 | Comments

Compassion Heart

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about compassion. I have craved compassion in my life therefore I rationalized that I need to start giving out more compassion to those around me and, of course, to myself, as well. (Let’s admit it….I can be pretty hard on myself.) I read a book a few months ago that talked about A Course in Miracles and how it  explains you must learn to forgive in order to heal and come into balance. Now, I really didn’t want to read A Course in Miracles,so I thought I would just practice forgiveness. (I had heard it can take 1 – 2 years, or even more, to complete the course and that didn’t sound desirable to me. It also sounded a little too religious for my tastes. But just because it isn’t right for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t right, period.) So, in order to forgive, I feel like I have to open my heart more and give compassion and understanding. So, we have circled back to compassion. (Have you noticed, when you think about a topic, you see relevant info on that topic pop up at some of the most random places?) For instance, I was reading a biography of Steve Jobs and it mentioned the religion of compassion. I will admit, I haven’t claimed a religion for myself in the past 20 years.  I felt like no single religion encompassed my varied and eclectic beliefs. Additionally, I didn’t want to limit myself to the little box many religions dwell in. So, on a whim, I googled “religion of compassion” and to my surprise found there is such a thing. It’s called “Amitism”. It states,


Amitism is a faith that emphasizes your personal relationship to a benevolent, creative God, and how you relate to the other people in your life…..It encourages you to be actively and intentionally compassionate with God’s creation, of which you and all other beings are a part.


Why have I never heard of this? I would say I am well read and I have talked to many people, but never heard of such a religion. Maybe it is something so remedial, no one thinks there is a religion dedicated solely to compassion. It’s like praising water for being wet. It’s inherent. Don’t many religions already claim to have compassion, but at times seem to drop the ball? I am not saying there is no compassion among popular religions. I just think all of us, religious or not, have lacked compassion at some points in our lives. Maybe there shouldn’t even be a religion dedicated to compassion since it should be a basic tenet in all faiths.  But, then again, don’t we have a right, no matter who we are or where we live or what we think, to have any belief or religion we feel resonates in our soul?

I am surprised Amitism exists, but it also makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

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