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Archangel Metatron

26 Mar Posted by in Secret Sister 5 | Comments
Archangel Metatron


Help from Archangel Metatron for freedom from chaos.

My life has always been in chaos. Lately I have realized I no longer want to hold onto
things I never use and pay for items that have no meaning for me or that I cannot afford
at this time. I never took the time to look at how I was “running my life” and all that I was
I started two weeks completely overwhelmed. I have accumulated so much in every
area that needs to be used by others or thrown out. I suddenly was ill and had no
energy. Then I got the message ask the angels for help. In particular the Archangel
This archangel and his brother Sandalphon are the only archangels who were once mortal
men. Archangel Metatron is the Divine Record-keeper responsible for recording
everything that happens on earth within the Akashic records or The Book of Life.
This wonderful angel is also a patron to all forms and functions of record-keeping.
patron to record-keepers etc he also wields alchemy of disorganization helping those
who call on him to transform order from chaos. I have started to do this and will tell you
how this works for me. Better yet you many want to try it.
If you feel overwhelmed call on Archangel Metatron and be amazed at how manageable
the previously chaos becomes. This Archangel is awesome in this regard.
When you are overwhelmed called on Archangel Metatron. Here is a prayer that you
might find useful.

Beloved Metatron, please guide me in meeting my body’s need
for rest and recreation. Please guide me as I let go of those
things that need to become part of others’ lives and what to
keep in order to grow and become what I am meant to be. Help
me know when to stop overdoing, when to slow down and let
life be. Give me strength to do the tasks that are mine to
complete. Help me create healthy boundaries that support me
and help me experience my joy. Show me that I do not have to
toil to receive God’s bounty. It can come to me because of who
I am. Help me open myself to receiving this good. Thank you.

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