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Vision Boards

Vision Boards

Vision Board

Last week we had our first Secret Sister’s Study Circle meeting. Toward the end our conversation turned to vision boards. While it has become habit to do new boards every year I don’t just put visions for the year. I’m a photography geek, so my vision boards aren’t just visual, but have to be visually compelling. I’m lucky because I live alone and can hang it where it is almost always in my field of vision. Other people aren’t so lucky. I have to wonder if the effectiveness isn’t isn’t diminished when somebody has to stick their board away in a closet.

When I pulled my board down and put the new one up I noticed that the pictures on the board that had come to pass were eerily close to what actually manifested,including a used boat we found at a fantastic deal this past year. Not only was the boat on the board but it had the same blue seats. In fact Secret Sister  1 had a similar experience. She has several rescued wolfdogs and the last time we moved her we realized that for every framed wolf print or
sculpture in her house she had a wolfdog to match. That is the Law of Attraction at work. So what do you do when you can’t display the board? The most obvious option is to find great artwork to hang in the house that makes you think about what you want. For instance if you want to study cooking in France you can find and frame great paintings and photographs of Paris.

Another choice is to make a digital vision board as well. All operating systems allow for different users, so you can set your digital vision board as the desktop image on your computer. There is a program called Gimp which is an open source alternative to Photoshop. Worried about somebody else seeing it? You can password protect your account. If you work on a computer you may want to create a photo collage to put on your work computer as well. If you have a tablet I would recommend choosing a single image to display at a time rather than trying to squeeze several pics on the small screen.

If you have a tablet or an ereader in a case you can paste a small vision board to the inside of the case so every time you open the case you see your mini-board. If you make a mini-version for something like this you can also stick it to the sun visor in your car. Just flip it down when your driving. Even if you aren’t paying attention you still see it, still know it’s there.

If your boards aren’t as image heavy as mine you can still stick them anywhere and everywhere you can think of as long as you read it regularly and  you know what it says you will think about it whenever you see it. Whether the board is image heavy or text heavy you should make an effort to take a good look at it each day. Any other places anybody can think of to place a vision board?

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