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What’s In A Name

What’s In A Name


What’s with the name!

Ok, I know that some of you are asking “Woo Woo Underground, You seriously couldn’t come up with something better?” So I will explain……………

One of the goals we set out for this web site was to make people laugh and to make people smile. When Secret Sister 5 suggested this name I laughed, so a name was born.

We also hope to create a community where everyone feels comfortable. Laughter usually helps makes that happen. As a group we find humor important to survival, not to mention it just makes life more enjoyable. We also know that the best teachers are those who entertain as well as teach.

So whether you like the name or think we should have been more serious I hope you will be patient with our journey and come back to laugh, pray and maybe even cry with us.

  1. Mia01-20-13

    Love the name and your mission! Best wishes on your spiritual journeys!

    • Secret Sister 5
      Secret Sister 501-25-13

      -Secret Sister 5

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